Who Has Inspired me recently??

And answer is Casey Neistat. If you watch youtube you might already know who this man is but if you don't know let me try to introduce him.

He is a self made,self taught film-maker who has inspired millions of people.I am no film-maker so I am not right person to talk about the technicalities of his film-making. But as a viewer all I can say is I have never seen any one making daily vlogs as beautifully as he does. He is a father of two and married to a very lovely human. He is quirky in his ways. If you watch him you know what I am talking about. His ways of opening mails or customizing everything he own. He went to MET gala on a bike ... can you beat that??

I have watched almost all his vlogs; probably watched some more than 20 times. He is the only person who is constantly inspiring me with his straight forward no-nonsense answers about the trickiest life questions. So I am going to share what I have learned from him through his 106 vlogs.

Lesson 1 - Work 

Casey has said it many times in his vlogs how work is the solution of anything. It is ; for heartbreak,failure,perfection,achievement,dreams,desires and happiness. Everything can be compensated with the amount of work you put in. If you want to get an A work for it. When everyone is sleeping you should be working. There will always be failures but only way to get over it is by working.

In his one vlog he explained how the only thing between you and your dreams is the amount of work you put in. And I think the work is the variable that makes all the difference in our lives.Here is the picture of Casey Neistat's Tarzan Theory.

Lesson 2 -  Move

If you are familiar with his vlogs you will know how he always find ways to exercise whether it is running or going to gym or biking around NYC. But he always find a way to work out and move his body.

Lesson 3 - Have Fun

He is always having fun either with his family or with his team. I remember the vlog with hover-board thingy.

Lesson 4 - Always have time for your family.

He is a very busy man but he always find a way to spend time with his family. Either it is an afternoon run or leaving work early to play with his daughter. He has movie-dates with his son. He makes a point to take his wife on date and to spend time with his friends as well.He almost goes to his home-town almost every weekend.

Lesson 5 - Keep learning.

He emphasises on this thing alot. Practice ...Practice.. Practice.. You can never be good at something if you will never practice. You have to put your head and heart into whatever you are doing and then gradually you will be good at it. But you must enjoy the process as well. Also when you reach where you wanted to be,don't just stop there but work hard and push the limits.

Lesson 6 - To start something you just have to take the first step.

During one of his Q n A someone asked him how to be a film maker and he answered just by doing it. Grab a camera and do it. I think by watching his videos I have simplified my thought process as well.. I don't think about the consequences that much now because the worst thing that can happen is that you might fail which is any day better than regret of not doing it.

Lesson 7 - Do whatever you can do to keep your dream alive.

He worked as a dish-washer in some stinky fish place(can't remember the exact name..it is in one of his first vlogs) just to save money to make films. Don't quit your dreams no matter how bad things get. Just think about if he would have given up we will not have all the wonderful work he has done and I won't be writing this post. There is always an extra hour you can cut from your sleep to work on something that you truly believe.

Lesson 8 - Be nice to people.

He is a celebrity yet so humble and nice to people. The way he treats people at streets,mail-guy,waiters,shop-keepers and parking guys is so so so inspiring. I love the fact that he is so grounded.
One should learn from him.

Lesson 9 - Bring cupcakes to your loved ones often.

I don't think I need to explain this any more.

Lesson 10- Commitment and determination beat everything else.

I remember in one vlog he talked about how there was nothing special in that day's vlog and yet he posted it. Then he explained why he did it. It was because when you cut yourself some slack you are digging yourself a pothole to fall into it. If you think you can do it tomorrow then 90% chances are you are not going to do it tomorrow as well. So if you have made a commitment to do something you should do it because how can you break a promise to yourself. In his last two vlogs i.e 105/106 he had some technical issues but then again he posted them. I admire him for his determination to post daily. Even if that means he get to sleep at 5 in the morning he will do it because he values his words.

I wish to tell him personally how he has changed my life but until then here is a small gesture from a girl across the globe who want to be somebody and is not afraid to work for it.

I know every one watches him but here is the link to his channel :: Casey Neistat



  1. I cant wait to watch some of his videos. By the way: I just found your blog and I love it. So much I followed you on google friend connect. keep up the great work :)

  2. I don't watch his vlogs but I've read about him and his work ethic is insane! he's so disciplined...

    🌱 only4feet9.blogspot.com


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