Well, it all started with a phone call (sounds modern). Last week I got a call from one of my Uni friend and we spoke about all the shit in the world. It was so good to talk to someone where you need not to take care of your language and you can speak your mind without being judged. We ended up talking for hours and during which we spoke about fashion and style and then she pointed out how I haven't changed since uni. According to her I haven't aged and my dressing style is still the same.Well in her defence it was a positive thing because I was same old me but it then shook me that I was still the same. OMG I AM THE SAME PERSON AS I WAS COUPLE OF YEARS BACK.

Is there anyone else who feels like I do?? Or Am I the only weirdo??Am I stuck in a rut?

So I felt sad and what do we do when we feel sad... We eat chocolates and drink tea.

I am actually happy with not ageing thing but dressing ... nahhh..because in uni I was more of a jeans-tee girl and I still am and to be honest I always will be.. But life is all about growing and improving.I knew I had to do something so just like any girl in world would do in the time of crisis I opened my closet and sat there. I threw everything on my bed and found my style was exactly the same. And trust me I am not exaggerating it really is.

So first thing that came to my mind was to go shopping and that is exciting and if this was not happening at 1am I would have been ubered my way to zara or something. But I am glad I didn't because when I sat down I realised maybe this is the reason why I haven't changed y style as I go on shopping when I either sad or happy or possessed by my emotions and I end up buying things that I will never wear.

Hence shopping is off the charts for awhile. This time I am seriously going to analyse and find the styles that I gravitate towards and then I am going to find the missing links in my wardrobe.
(Way to kill fun out of shopping :P )

I seriously hope you will enjoy the journey with me and stay tuned for the next posts.

What would you do if you are in my position?? How will you tackle the wardrobe crisis??
What do you think should I throw everything out and get everything new??



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  4. What i am going to do, is start off looking at the clothes that i always ware, and put them to one side to save and the clothes that i don't ware i am going to see if there is anything i could ware it with and style it and if i can't then its going to go either to charity or to depop!x

    Jess x