Who Has Inspired me recently??

And answer is Casey Neistat. If you watch youtube you might already know who this man is but if you don't know let me try to introduce him.

He is a self made,self taught film-maker who has inspired millions of people.I am no film-maker so I am not right person to talk about the technicalities of his film-making. But as a viewer all I can say is I have never seen any one making daily vlogs as beautifully as he does. He is a father of two and married to a very lovely human. He is quirky in his ways. If you watch him you know what I am talking about. His ways of opening mails or customizing everything he own. He went to MET gala on a bike ... can you beat that??

I have watched almost all his vlogs; probably watched some more than 20 times. He is the only person who is constantly inspiring me with his straight forward no-nonsense answers about the trickiest life questions. So I am going to share what I have learned from him through his 106 vlogs.

Lesson 1 - Work 

Casey has said it many times in his vlogs how work is the solution of anything. It is ; for heartbreak,failure,perfection,achievement,dreams,desires and happiness. Everything can be compensated with the amount of work you put in. If you want to get an A work for it. When everyone is sleeping you should be working. There will always be failures but only way to get over it is by working.

In his one vlog he explained how the only thing between you and your dreams is the amount of work you put in. And I think the work is the variable that makes all the difference in our lives.Here is the picture of Casey Neistat's Tarzan Theory.

Lesson 2 -  Move

If you are familiar with his vlogs you will know how he always find ways to exercise whether it is running or going to gym or biking around NYC. But he always find a way to work out and move his body.

Lesson 3 - Have Fun

He is always having fun either with his family or with his team. I remember the vlog with hover-board thingy.

Lesson 4 - Always have time for your family.

He is a very busy man but he always find a way to spend time with his family. Either it is an afternoon run or leaving work early to play with his daughter. He has movie-dates with his son. He makes a point to take his wife on date and to spend time with his friends as well.He almost goes to his home-town almost every weekend.

Lesson 5 - Keep learning.

He emphasises on this thing alot. Practice ...Practice.. Practice.. You can never be good at something if you will never practice. You have to put your head and heart into whatever you are doing and then gradually you will be good at it. But you must enjoy the process as well. Also when you reach where you wanted to be,don't just stop there but work hard and push the limits.

Lesson 6 - To start something you just have to take the first step.

During one of his Q n A someone asked him how to be a film maker and he answered just by doing it. Grab a camera and do it. I think by watching his videos I have simplified my thought process as well.. I don't think about the consequences that much now because the worst thing that can happen is that you might fail which is any day better than regret of not doing it.

Lesson 7 - Do whatever you can do to keep your dream alive.

He worked as a dish-washer in some stinky fish place(can't remember the exact name..it is in one of his first vlogs) just to save money to make films. Don't quit your dreams no matter how bad things get. Just think about if he would have given up we will not have all the wonderful work he has done and I won't be writing this post. There is always an extra hour you can cut from your sleep to work on something that you truly believe.

Lesson 8 - Be nice to people.

He is a celebrity yet so humble and nice to people. The way he treats people at streets,mail-guy,waiters,shop-keepers and parking guys is so so so inspiring. I love the fact that he is so grounded.
One should learn from him.

Lesson 9 - Bring cupcakes to your loved ones often.

I don't think I need to explain this any more.

Lesson 10- Commitment and determination beat everything else.

I remember in one vlog he talked about how there was nothing special in that day's vlog and yet he posted it. Then he explained why he did it. It was because when you cut yourself some slack you are digging yourself a pothole to fall into it. If you think you can do it tomorrow then 90% chances are you are not going to do it tomorrow as well. So if you have made a commitment to do something you should do it because how can you break a promise to yourself. In his last two vlogs i.e 105/106 he had some technical issues but then again he posted them. I admire him for his determination to post daily. Even if that means he get to sleep at 5 in the morning he will do it because he values his words.

I wish to tell him personally how he has changed my life but until then here is a small gesture from a girl across the globe who want to be somebody and is not afraid to work for it.

I know every one watches him but here is the link to his channel :: Casey Neistat


A New Turn..!!

Last Saturday I travelled to a small village in Tamil Nadu. The village is famous for its waterfalls and its peculiar boats. I along with two of my college friends we finally decided to get up early in the morning to go to this amazing place. It was a 3 hour journey but with friends journey is the best part.

Place was incredible and we had a lot of fun. Here are some of the pictures from my little adventure.

Beautiful mountains on one side and palm trees on the other.

These are the boats I was talking about. They look like small bowls and they are so much fun to be in.

                         If you feel hungry we have a floating candy shop in the middle of river.

One of those pics where you pretend to pose and be artsy and stuff. :P

If you ever visit India please visit Tamil Nadu because there are some beautiful places that one should visit.

Please share your opinions about the post.

Ten Things My Dad taught me..!!

I had no intention of writing this post but I read this quote in  Bustle and decided to write it.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” 
                                                                                                                        — Jim Valvano

This quote is true because our dads are the super-heroes of our life and I know this for a fact because mine is one.

It is his voice in my head and on the phone that keeps me going through tough times. So here I am sharing some of the greatest things he has taught me.

1) Faith ::

My dad is a religious man and he believes there is something good in everyone. He sees the world without any prejudice. Well I am not as religious as he is but I know there is one person I count on blindly and that person is "YOU" papa.

2) Its okay to be able to laugh at yourself ::

Well this is one of the earliest life lessons he has taught me. I remember when I used to cry because someone made fun of my school or my teachers or anyone closely related to me.That is when he made me understand ," people will stop making fun of you when you stop taking yourself seriously" and that is true. If you can laugh at yourself then life is much better.Don't worry about what other think about you.He made me understand that sometimes it is okay to have thick skin. You can not and should not be bothered by what others think about you.

3) To be grounded :: 

You can always judge a person from the way he treats his sub-ordinates. I have always noticed my dad to be nice to everyone. He speaks and greets everyone he comes across. I have seen him being nice to everyone and probably that is why I have a innate niceness in me. My papa has taught me to accept victory in a graceful way and to accept defeat even more respectfully.
I have never seen my papa abuse anyone and that is why I don't swear and use bad words. Because according to him words are like arrows and they can hurt.

4) Never show a stranger your weakness ::

He taught me not to cry in front of others if they are not your family and friends. Never let a random person how vulnerable you are. Well to be honest my dad doesn't like the fact that I cry because he believes crying doesn't solve anything. I have taken his half advice so I don't cry in-front of strangers.

5) To fix a fuse ::

Yes, I know how to fix a fuse,or to change bulbs, or to change tires and he has taught me everything that I need to learn. He has made me capable enough to live on my own but papa I still need you to kill a spider in bathroom. He has made me self-efficient(if that is a word). :P

6) To be genuine ::

My papa has taught me to be true to yourself and to do what you believe in. He has taught me family comes first and family values are important. It is because of him I am so close to my parents and my sister.

7) Maths will never leave you alone ::

I hated maths while growing up and papa always said one thing,"you can never outrun maths". Sadly it is true. I have to do maths almost everyday and now that I am preparing for GMAT I have to do same maths that I did in high-school and trust me every time I see an equation I imagine my papa standing my behind and saying, "I told you so.. "

8) Don't be afraid of dark ::

This lesson is taught to me by my papa and by my grand-dad. When I was a kid I was scared of going in dark rooms. They made me realise it is nothing to be scared of. It is just a room that needs someone to switch on the lights. At that time this advice just meant switching on lights but now I think about it I believe it is much more deep : If you are in a dark place you just need to power on your inner light to face the problems.

9) To embrace things as they come :: 

My papa has come across his fair share of adversities in life and he has taught me to face things as they come and to smile along the way. No matter how tough life is it always gets better with little fun with family and friends.

10) Girls can do anything :: 

He is a father of two girls and he has never put any restrictions on us. He has always encouraged my sister and me to do whatever we like. He has taught us we can do any damn thing in life if you really really work for it and also if you get-up early(inside joke between papa and me). Girls are equal to boys : this is my papa's mantra and it is because of him I see a world with gender-equality.

This post is to my Papa as a thank you for making me a proud girl.

Thanks for coming to all my public speaking events, results, to pick me up from station and to be on my side all the times. This post is nothing if I compare the sacrifices you make for us. I promise I will make you proud. Thanks for lending me money and supporting me these days. I love you so much papa.

Happy Farther's Day Papa..:) You are the best and strongest person I know.

Love your daughter.. !!

My May Love..!!

If you read my last post then you might know that I have a lot of time in hand. So instead of preparing for GMAT I was doing what every one does.. Tataddaaa ... procrastination.. I think I have become pro in it. But in my pursuit to avoid studying I did everything but opening my GMAT prep books and in that process I fell in love with some of the things in months.

Here are some of them.

1) #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso.

I know I am probably the last person in the world to read this book. But better late than never. Omg the book is amazing and phase that I am in these days it is one of my favourite books to grab to make me feel better. I have highlighted all the good parts. I have a kindle edition of the book but now I am thinking of getting a paper-based as well. The way she has told her story is truly inspiring and motivating.

2) Doughnuts.

Doughnuts are the only thing that can make any one feel better instantly. I have fallen in love with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Original Glazed... Cinnamon Glazed.. Sparkled Chocolate.. Yum Yum Yum .

3) Orange Lip.

And to put some happiness in my face I have been using "Maybelline Orange Icon". It is a perfect coral lipstick and is not as bold as red colour so it can be worn pretty much everyday and with everything.

4) Casey Neistat Vlogs.

I have always adored him but his vlogs are amazing. I love the way he incorporates life lessons in his vlogs and inspires people without sounding superficial. His genuinity is very inspiring. He is one of a kind and so are his vlogs.

I hope you had a wonderful May and I pray your June to be even amazing.
Please share the things that made you fall in love this May.


Failures and Rejections..!!

Oh yes.. I am going there.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it in my blog but I am looking for jobs hence the said topic.So these days I am hearing a lot of things like -

It was nice to meet you but we are going with someone else.
You were great but..
All the positions are filled.
We are sorry to inform you that we have decided to go other way.

Well to be honest hearing or reading all these things feel like a slap. I am pretty good at what I do but sometimes things don't fall in places for you. Trust me I am not here to tell anyone that failure is a steeping stone to stone(which may or may not be true) because right now I don't know and after getting rejected no amount of pinterest quotes and inspiring speeches can make you feel better.

So here are some shitty things about failures and rejections::

1) It Sucks.

It does. No matter what your mum-dad say or your sister or your bf or your best friend : IT SUCKS LIKE HELL. It hurts so much emotionally that sometimes having headache at that point feels like an advantage because your attention shifts to headache. But bloody head-ache also goes away. SO welcome back Sucky feeling.

2) No one truly understands.

Yes, it is a fact. No one understands how you feel after being rejected because they were not there. They can imagine how hard it can be but no matter what they say they will not be able to understand because they are not at your place.

3) Suddenly everyone has interest in your life.

It is true I have received messages and calls from people whom I never gave my number and all of them wants to know where are you working. So to all those people I just want to say "FUCK oFF."

4) That Friend.

And then you have "that friend" who just calls you to make you feel bad about you not working or not having money or just about anything, He/She will call you and tell you how good/bad their professional life is going and how they are not going/going places. SO to that friend of mine if I was not as nice as I am you would have heard your fair share of "go to hell" or "fuck off". Trust me I am not jealous of your accomplishments but there is a time to talk about it.

5) So what are your plans?? What is new??

These phrases are like a poison potion to me because nothing is new other than rejections. So shut the fuck up and ask some one else because the people who are close to you will know how much of a bad state are you in and instead of asking these questions they will make plans with you to divert your attention.

6) Money.

Well that blows. If you have saving then you are okay but I didn't have any so I am taking my parent's help and that is the worst part. So whenever I go out for shopping I check price tags and try to minimize as much as I can because I know I am not spending my money I am using my dad's money which I have full intention of returning.

7) Mood-swings.

Well what can I say about them.For me it is like I am having PMS for atleast 100 women at once.
It is like I am walking with a dark cloud and thunder-storm over my head. I don't know when I will start crying or shouting or be all silent without any prior information to me. To all my friends I am sorry for being an ass and I promise to be better.

8) Social media.

People generally use their social media as a platform for broadcasting how awesome their life is. On a normal day I would say,"good for you" but these days I feel like some one has bombed my boat in the middle of nowhere.

9) Anonymity becomes your friend.

You want to be invisible or these days I want to be. I have no display pic in any of my social media, I hardly post anything on my FB wall or comment anywhere. I want to go to malls/cinemas/clubs where no one knows me and where I don't know anyone. I talk to strangers because they will not judge me and they will not make me rethink my decision. Even the local grocery guy will have a opinion about you if you go to buy grocery at noon.

10) Self-image.

This is the worst repercussion of failure. You start to judge yourself and see yourself as a loser. You stop believing in your decision and you start thinking very less of you. You judge yourself for every single thing and hence your confidence goes down.
So to that I remind myself  I am not defined by having a job or not having one. I am a wonderful human being.

No matter how deep you and I have fallen always remember ::

I seriously don't know what is the purpose of this post but I know some one is out there who is probably in the same situation as I am if I can let him/her know that you are not alone that would be enough for me. So If any one of you is being rejected or is failing at something here is real advice from a fellow :

Get up and work your ass-off to get out of this failure-reject-ville because it sucks to be in the shithole.

P.S I am not a cranky-bitch but today was very overwhelming for me and I didn't want to talk to anyone but you guys.

Please let me know what you think about this post and share some of your failures/rejections with me and how you over came them.


It is a follow up post to my Wardrobe Crisis series. To build a versatile wardrobe you have to be brutal with your clothing. I know I am being very harsh but I have found a loophole to it. 

I believe you have read all the posts about the closet cleaning and trust me all of them are amazing hence there is no point of repeating the same things. So I am going to be short with this part and here is my outlook is bit different and here I go.

Analyse your wardrobe and take out the clothes that you keep on wearing over and over again. 
Next step put them in a bag and keep in the suitcase under your bed.
Once you do this you will be left with almost 70% of untouched territory and by doing this you will be either left with impulse buys or high-maintenance garments or those items which needs little tweaks. So once you have those pieces sort out what you can give away and what you can keep.
Then make a point to wear that chunk of your wardrobe for next couple of months.

I know you might be thinking but what about my comfy jeans, white top or that trouser... Well babe if I am not wrong we all have 3-4 pair of jeans but we tend to stick to only one. Same goes with everything else. That is why you have to give rest to your loved pair of jeans and tops.

(** But if you rotate your jeans then feel free to take them out from the suitcase.)

Well I opted for this method and now I am wearing dresses, skirts, tops and mixing them up. You don't have to be very strong about the method. You can easily bend it but according to me if you have paid for a item why not wear it because I am pretty sure you have looked amazing in the trial rooms and the only thing that is stopping you is your own inhibitions.

Please let me know what do you think about this method and share your opinions about the post.


Stop that..!!

Here are some things every-one should stop doing.

Stop questioning yourself ,your potential and your intentions.

Stop waiting for "the perfect time". I waited for 25 years and trust me I am in the middle of nowhere.

Stop complicating your life.Life is pretty simply.

Stop giving fucks what other think about you because people are too busy thinking about themselves.

Stop worrying if you look stupid one day. No-one will remember if you looked like mess one day or two or twenty years. :P  Stop thinking if your make-up looks good or not because that is the fun of it, even if it doesn't look good you can wipe it/wash it every night.

Stop slouching and sitting like an arrow. Straighten up your back.. Com'on do it..

Stop picking up your skin and leave those pimples alone. It is too late for me but if you are young then stop it.

Stop judging everyone. You don't know their story and what they are going through. So stop it.

Stop being so easily defined. You are not your day job..you not your friends..you are not the brands you wear.. You are what you believe in and what you are going to achieve it.

Stop Settling. If you think you deserve better then grab the horns of the bull and ask for it.It is never too late to ask your worth.

Stop taking people in your life granted. Call your mum-dad,call your sister,call your grandparents,call your bf/gf and let them know how you feel about them.

Stop wasting your time in those "so-called" friends. Let them go because they were never your friends and deep down you know that.

Stop complaining about petty things. I know weather sucks, traffic sucks, job sucks but news flash people it sucks for everyone but some people make fuss about it and other have fun with it.

Stop being comfortable. Please stop it. I stayed at my previous job even if I was not being paid for my worth because I was too comfortable to leave.

Stop buying books if you have no intention to read them. So next time when you feel the urge of buying a new novel just imagine me sitting on your shoulder reminding you all the books you have already bought and haven't finished yet. Life is too short to leave a book half-read.

Stop contemplating over red-lip. Trust me just go for it.And if you are guy I dare you to walk around in red-lip. ;)

Stop being practical all times. BELIEVE in MAGIC because it does exist because I am sitting on a rainbow and writing this post.

Stop throwing yourself pity-parties and tantrums. Nobody in the world is employed to cheer you up so stop expecting that everyone will leave their work or their personal problems just to make you feel better.

Stop needing company to go everywhere everytime. I know it is fun with friends and family but sometimes other people have plans. So next time when you have to pee go alone leave your friends at the table. You have to watch a movie and none of your friends want to watch it so what will you do.. cry about it or go for it. Well THAT GIRL you always find confident at clubs and mall was not born with it. Everyone has to work towards it and maybe you can be that girl for someone else.

Stop everything time and again just to breathe and have fun.

Most important stop being ashamed of your story. You might be an inspiration to someone else.

What should I add to my Stop-it post.??
Please share your opinions in the comment section.



I don't know how but I have become fan of minimalism so I have been looking for minimalistic clothing items and shoes. Then this happened. I went in ZARA and found these.

Aren't these pretty and don't they check all the boxes of minimalism ( I have no ideas what those boxes are but I am pretty sure it crosses them all). 

I love the colour and cut of it. I haven't experimented much with these but I put together 2 looks with almost same pieces. 

(top-Forever21, jeans-Zara, Earrings-Forever21, Lipstick- Mac (relentlessly red) )

Blue denims are more for casual look and it tone down the sophistication of tailored top while on the other hand black denims make it work appropriate.

These sandals go perfectly with dresses, shorts,skirts and what not because colour is not overwhelming and goes with almost everything.

How will you style these sandals and I know everyone of us will have something like this in our wardrobes. I would love to hear your ideas.



Well, it all started with a phone call (sounds modern). Last week I got a call from one of my Uni friend and we spoke about all the shit in the world. It was so good to talk to someone where you need not to take care of your language and you can speak your mind without being judged. We ended up talking for hours and during which we spoke about fashion and style and then she pointed out how I haven't changed since uni. According to her I haven't aged and my dressing style is still the same.Well in her defence it was a positive thing because I was same old me but it then shook me that I was still the same. OMG I AM THE SAME PERSON AS I WAS COUPLE OF YEARS BACK.

Is there anyone else who feels like I do?? Or Am I the only weirdo??Am I stuck in a rut?

So I felt sad and what do we do when we feel sad... We eat chocolates and drink tea.

I am actually happy with not ageing thing but dressing ... nahhh..because in uni I was more of a jeans-tee girl and I still am and to be honest I always will be.. But life is all about growing and improving.I knew I had to do something so just like any girl in world would do in the time of crisis I opened my closet and sat there. I threw everything on my bed and found my style was exactly the same. And trust me I am not exaggerating it really is.

So first thing that came to my mind was to go shopping and that is exciting and if this was not happening at 1am I would have been ubered my way to zara or something. But I am glad I didn't because when I sat down I realised maybe this is the reason why I haven't changed y style as I go on shopping when I either sad or happy or possessed by my emotions and I end up buying things that I will never wear.

Hence shopping is off the charts for awhile. This time I am seriously going to analyse and find the styles that I gravitate towards and then I am going to find the missing links in my wardrobe.
(Way to kill fun out of shopping :P )

I seriously hope you will enjoy the journey with me and stay tuned for the next posts.

What would you do if you are in my position?? How will you tackle the wardrobe crisis??
What do you think should I throw everything out and get everything new??



Red Lip..!!

Well it is scary to wear,intimidating to look at,fashion risk for majority of us.Let me be very honest I never tried red lip till 2015. It was one of my new year's fashion resolution.So I went to makeup's holy grail "MAC" with an intention of buying Ruby Woo. I tried it there and I looked horrible.. no no.. it looked horrible on me. So I thought of giving up but then I found this beauty "Relentlessly Red".

I tried it on and I looked pretty good on me so I bought it and kept in my makeup bag for 2 months till last week. So I wore it at home and looked okay. Next day I wore it with friends and I was comfortable in my skin. 

I was feeling confident and let me tell you the truth it had nothing to do with red-lip. The reason why I felt confident is a simple one and that is I did something that was out of my comfort zone. I was aware of the fact that I might look or might be looking like a clown but I was okay with being weird or judged.

Red Lip is just a beginning I am going to push boundaries this year. So for all the women out there if you are scared of anything trust me just grab it by the horns and enjoy the victory.

So what new have you tried this year?? What boundaries did you push?? What are you ready to conquer?? I suggest "Lets conquer the world.

Please share your opinion about red lip and also about the post in the comments.


#Dear Me.

First of all welcome to my blog. I hope you and I can stick together and be friends. 

Now lets make this "First Post" rock.

When I started to write this post I had many ideas for it but I wanted something very personal and close to my heart. Then I came across this tag #Dear Me (YouTube initiative). I found this tag very inspiring and trust me I watched every video created under it(binge watching) . While I was watching it I thought of making a journal entry about it but then I thought what can be a better beginning to my blog than this tag.

So here it is :: 

Dear Me, 

How are you doing,love? I know teenage sucks but trust me those are the best years of your life. I know you are worrying about a lot of things like your nose,your boobs,you being skinny and boys.
But trust me those are the things that will make you proud. I know for you this is all bullshit and I know you are insecure about your nose but love your nose will make your face look different from others. I know no one thinks you are pretty but babe you are. Have faith in you and faith in mum when she tells you that you are beautiful. Because you are and who isn't. Here is a secret you are the most wonderful person in the eye of one person and he loves you like crazy. Maa-papa and your kid sister will become your best-est of friends so love them and let them know that everyday. You will share your deep-dark secrets with them and they will be always there for you.So chill you have your world besides you.I am actually proud of you for being serious for studies and not being involved in drama of high-school.Good Job kiddo.

I know you always wanted to be different and that is very brave. I kind of blended in crowd for couple of years but now I am taking charge. I know how much you loved writing and trust me I am working on your dreams. I know at this point you are very shy and fragile but soon you are going to be very independent and bold. Truth is you are working towards the kind of woman you always dreamt to be. You have opinions and make sure you make them heard.

I want to tell you few things : Don't worry and don't think too much. You are amazing the way you are. Try to learn and read new things. Stop worrying about hair and stop comparing yourself to others. Have fun and trust me we both will be okay. Don't let your dreams die but work towards it. You have so much of potential that you can make things happen.

You are enough.
You are beautiful.
You are perfectly imperfect and I love you.

Your Kind-of Older,Kind-of Wise,Kind-of Better Self.

What would be your advice to your younger self? Please share your thoughts in the comments.
Hope to see you soon.