Red Lip..!!

Well it is scary to wear,intimidating to look at,fashion risk for majority of us.Let me be very honest I never tried red lip till 2015. It was one of my new year's fashion resolution.So I went to makeup's holy grail "MAC" with an intention of buying Ruby Woo. I tried it there and I looked horrible.. no no.. it looked horrible on me. So I thought of giving up but then I found this beauty "Relentlessly Red".

I tried it on and I looked pretty good on me so I bought it and kept in my makeup bag for 2 months till last week. So I wore it at home and looked okay. Next day I wore it with friends and I was comfortable in my skin. 

I was feeling confident and let me tell you the truth it had nothing to do with red-lip. The reason why I felt confident is a simple one and that is I did something that was out of my comfort zone. I was aware of the fact that I might look or might be looking like a clown but I was okay with being weird or judged.

Red Lip is just a beginning I am going to push boundaries this year. So for all the women out there if you are scared of anything trust me just grab it by the horns and enjoy the victory.

So what new have you tried this year?? What boundaries did you push?? What are you ready to conquer?? I suggest "Lets conquer the world.

Please share your opinion about red lip and also about the post in the comments.



  1. Love that lipstick color !
    I'm a new follower dear !

  2. It looks like an amazing lipstick :) perfect for spring and summer!
    Good luck with your blog, I'm a new follower xx

    1. Thanks alot Alexandra.. :) Lipstick is pretty good.. You can wear it as a tint or build it up for a dark lip.