Stop that..!!

Here are some things every-one should stop doing.

Stop questioning yourself ,your potential and your intentions.

Stop waiting for "the perfect time". I waited for 25 years and trust me I am in the middle of nowhere.

Stop complicating your life.Life is pretty simply.

Stop giving fucks what other think about you because people are too busy thinking about themselves.

Stop worrying if you look stupid one day. No-one will remember if you looked like mess one day or two or twenty years. :P  Stop thinking if your make-up looks good or not because that is the fun of it, even if it doesn't look good you can wipe it/wash it every night.

Stop slouching and sitting like an arrow. Straighten up your back.. Com'on do it..

Stop picking up your skin and leave those pimples alone. It is too late for me but if you are young then stop it.

Stop judging everyone. You don't know their story and what they are going through. So stop it.

Stop being so easily defined. You are not your day not your are not the brands you wear.. You are what you believe in and what you are going to achieve it.

Stop Settling. If you think you deserve better then grab the horns of the bull and ask for it.It is never too late to ask your worth.

Stop taking people in your life granted. Call your mum-dad,call your sister,call your grandparents,call your bf/gf and let them know how you feel about them.

Stop wasting your time in those "so-called" friends. Let them go because they were never your friends and deep down you know that.

Stop complaining about petty things. I know weather sucks, traffic sucks, job sucks but news flash people it sucks for everyone but some people make fuss about it and other have fun with it.

Stop being comfortable. Please stop it. I stayed at my previous job even if I was not being paid for my worth because I was too comfortable to leave.

Stop buying books if you have no intention to read them. So next time when you feel the urge of buying a new novel just imagine me sitting on your shoulder reminding you all the books you have already bought and haven't finished yet. Life is too short to leave a book half-read.

Stop contemplating over red-lip. Trust me just go for it.And if you are guy I dare you to walk around in red-lip. ;)

Stop being practical all times. BELIEVE in MAGIC because it does exist because I am sitting on a rainbow and writing this post.

Stop throwing yourself pity-parties and tantrums. Nobody in the world is employed to cheer you up so stop expecting that everyone will leave their work or their personal problems just to make you feel better.

Stop needing company to go everywhere everytime. I know it is fun with friends and family but sometimes other people have plans. So next time when you have to pee go alone leave your friends at the table. You have to watch a movie and none of your friends want to watch it so what will you do.. cry about it or go for it. Well THAT GIRL you always find confident at clubs and mall was not born with it. Everyone has to work towards it and maybe you can be that girl for someone else.

Stop everything time and again just to breathe and have fun.

Most important stop being ashamed of your story. You might be an inspiration to someone else.

What should I add to my Stop-it post.??
Please share your opinions in the comment section.



  1. What a great list!! :)<3

  2. I love this... In short, No regret in my life and thanks for sharing this :)