Ten Things My Dad taught me..!!

I had no intention of writing this post but I read this quote in  Bustle and decided to write it.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” 
                                                                                                                        — Jim Valvano

This quote is true because our dads are the super-heroes of our life and I know this for a fact because mine is one.

It is his voice in my head and on the phone that keeps me going through tough times. So here I am sharing some of the greatest things he has taught me.

1) Faith ::

My dad is a religious man and he believes there is something good in everyone. He sees the world without any prejudice. Well I am not as religious as he is but I know there is one person I count on blindly and that person is "YOU" papa.

2) Its okay to be able to laugh at yourself ::

Well this is one of the earliest life lessons he has taught me. I remember when I used to cry because someone made fun of my school or my teachers or anyone closely related to me.That is when he made me understand ," people will stop making fun of you when you stop taking yourself seriously" and that is true. If you can laugh at yourself then life is much better.Don't worry about what other think about you.He made me understand that sometimes it is okay to have thick skin. You can not and should not be bothered by what others think about you.

3) To be grounded :: 

You can always judge a person from the way he treats his sub-ordinates. I have always noticed my dad to be nice to everyone. He speaks and greets everyone he comes across. I have seen him being nice to everyone and probably that is why I have a innate niceness in me. My papa has taught me to accept victory in a graceful way and to accept defeat even more respectfully.
I have never seen my papa abuse anyone and that is why I don't swear and use bad words. Because according to him words are like arrows and they can hurt.

4) Never show a stranger your weakness ::

He taught me not to cry in front of others if they are not your family and friends. Never let a random person how vulnerable you are. Well to be honest my dad doesn't like the fact that I cry because he believes crying doesn't solve anything. I have taken his half advice so I don't cry in-front of strangers.

5) To fix a fuse ::

Yes, I know how to fix a fuse,or to change bulbs, or to change tires and he has taught me everything that I need to learn. He has made me capable enough to live on my own but papa I still need you to kill a spider in bathroom. He has made me self-efficient(if that is a word). :P

6) To be genuine ::

My papa has taught me to be true to yourself and to do what you believe in. He has taught me family comes first and family values are important. It is because of him I am so close to my parents and my sister.

7) Maths will never leave you alone ::

I hated maths while growing up and papa always said one thing,"you can never outrun maths". Sadly it is true. I have to do maths almost everyday and now that I am preparing for GMAT I have to do same maths that I did in high-school and trust me every time I see an equation I imagine my papa standing my behind and saying, "I told you so.. "

8) Don't be afraid of dark ::

This lesson is taught to me by my papa and by my grand-dad. When I was a kid I was scared of going in dark rooms. They made me realise it is nothing to be scared of. It is just a room that needs someone to switch on the lights. At that time this advice just meant switching on lights but now I think about it I believe it is much more deep : If you are in a dark place you just need to power on your inner light to face the problems.

9) To embrace things as they come :: 

My papa has come across his fair share of adversities in life and he has taught me to face things as they come and to smile along the way. No matter how tough life is it always gets better with little fun with family and friends.

10) Girls can do anything :: 

He is a father of two girls and he has never put any restrictions on us. He has always encouraged my sister and me to do whatever we like. He has taught us we can do any damn thing in life if you really really work for it and also if you get-up early(inside joke between papa and me). Girls are equal to boys : this is my papa's mantra and it is because of him I see a world with gender-equality.

This post is to my Papa as a thank you for making me a proud girl.

Thanks for coming to all my public speaking events, results, to pick me up from station and to be on my side all the times. This post is nothing if I compare the sacrifices you make for us. I promise I will make you proud. Thanks for lending me money and supporting me these days. I love you so much papa.

Happy Farther's Day Papa..:) You are the best and strongest person I know.

Love your daughter.. !!


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