Failures and Rejections..!!

Oh yes.. I am going there.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it in my blog but I am looking for jobs hence the said topic.So these days I am hearing a lot of things like -

It was nice to meet you but we are going with someone else.
You were great but..
All the positions are filled.
We are sorry to inform you that we have decided to go other way.

Well to be honest hearing or reading all these things feel like a slap. I am pretty good at what I do but sometimes things don't fall in places for you. Trust me I am not here to tell anyone that failure is a steeping stone to stone(which may or may not be true) because right now I don't know and after getting rejected no amount of pinterest quotes and inspiring speeches can make you feel better.

So here are some shitty things about failures and rejections::

1) It Sucks.

It does. No matter what your mum-dad say or your sister or your bf or your best friend : IT SUCKS LIKE HELL. It hurts so much emotionally that sometimes having headache at that point feels like an advantage because your attention shifts to headache. But bloody head-ache also goes away. SO welcome back Sucky feeling.

2) No one truly understands.

Yes, it is a fact. No one understands how you feel after being rejected because they were not there. They can imagine how hard it can be but no matter what they say they will not be able to understand because they are not at your place.

3) Suddenly everyone has interest in your life.

It is true I have received messages and calls from people whom I never gave my number and all of them wants to know where are you working. So to all those people I just want to say "FUCK oFF."

4) That Friend.

And then you have "that friend" who just calls you to make you feel bad about you not working or not having money or just about anything, He/She will call you and tell you how good/bad their professional life is going and how they are not going/going places. SO to that friend of mine if I was not as nice as I am you would have heard your fair share of "go to hell" or "fuck off". Trust me I am not jealous of your accomplishments but there is a time to talk about it.

5) So what are your plans?? What is new??

These phrases are like a poison potion to me because nothing is new other than rejections. So shut the fuck up and ask some one else because the people who are close to you will know how much of a bad state are you in and instead of asking these questions they will make plans with you to divert your attention.

6) Money.

Well that blows. If you have saving then you are okay but I didn't have any so I am taking my parent's help and that is the worst part. So whenever I go out for shopping I check price tags and try to minimize as much as I can because I know I am not spending my money I am using my dad's money which I have full intention of returning.

7) Mood-swings.

Well what can I say about them.For me it is like I am having PMS for atleast 100 women at once.
It is like I am walking with a dark cloud and thunder-storm over my head. I don't know when I will start crying or shouting or be all silent without any prior information to me. To all my friends I am sorry for being an ass and I promise to be better.

8) Social media.

People generally use their social media as a platform for broadcasting how awesome their life is. On a normal day I would say,"good for you" but these days I feel like some one has bombed my boat in the middle of nowhere.

9) Anonymity becomes your friend.

You want to be invisible or these days I want to be. I have no display pic in any of my social media, I hardly post anything on my FB wall or comment anywhere. I want to go to malls/cinemas/clubs where no one knows me and where I don't know anyone. I talk to strangers because they will not judge me and they will not make me rethink my decision. Even the local grocery guy will have a opinion about you if you go to buy grocery at noon.

10) Self-image.

This is the worst repercussion of failure. You start to judge yourself and see yourself as a loser. You stop believing in your decision and you start thinking very less of you. You judge yourself for every single thing and hence your confidence goes down.
So to that I remind myself  I am not defined by having a job or not having one. I am a wonderful human being.

No matter how deep you and I have fallen always remember ::

I seriously don't know what is the purpose of this post but I know some one is out there who is probably in the same situation as I am if I can let him/her know that you are not alone that would be enough for me. So If any one of you is being rejected or is failing at something here is real advice from a fellow :

Get up and work your ass-off to get out of this failure-reject-ville because it sucks to be in the shithole.

P.S I am not a cranky-bitch but today was very overwhelming for me and I didn't want to talk to anyone but you guys.

Please let me know what you think about this post and share some of your failures/rejections with me and how you over came them.



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