It is a follow up post to my Wardrobe Crisis series. To build a versatile wardrobe you have to be brutal with your clothing. I know I am being very harsh but I have found a loophole to it. 

I believe you have read all the posts about the closet cleaning and trust me all of them are amazing hence there is no point of repeating the same things. So I am going to be short with this part and here is my outlook is bit different and here I go.

Analyse your wardrobe and take out the clothes that you keep on wearing over and over again. 
Next step put them in a bag and keep in the suitcase under your bed.
Once you do this you will be left with almost 70% of untouched territory and by doing this you will be either left with impulse buys or high-maintenance garments or those items which needs little tweaks. So once you have those pieces sort out what you can give away and what you can keep.
Then make a point to wear that chunk of your wardrobe for next couple of months.

I know you might be thinking but what about my comfy jeans, white top or that trouser... Well babe if I am not wrong we all have 3-4 pair of jeans but we tend to stick to only one. Same goes with everything else. That is why you have to give rest to your loved pair of jeans and tops.

(** But if you rotate your jeans then feel free to take them out from the suitcase.)

Well I opted for this method and now I am wearing dresses, skirts, tops and mixing them up. You don't have to be very strong about the method. You can easily bend it but according to me if you have paid for a item why not wear it because I am pretty sure you have looked amazing in the trial rooms and the only thing that is stopping you is your own inhibitions.

Please let me know what do you think about this method and share your opinions about the post.



  1. This is just what I needed! I really need to clean my wardrobe!